In collaboration with Digicel Aruba, the goal was to encourage people to Shake to Win and to get them excited about sharing their prizes, we are creating an eye-catching commercial campaign called Shake and Pass that features three big influencers from Aruba.


Inspired by the popular Pass the Brush trend on TikTok, where people covered their cameras with a makeup brush in order to create an exciting before-and-after effect and then passed the brush off so others could join in on the fun, Shake and Pass reinvents the idea as a festive commercial all about shaking and sharing gifts across Digicel markets.

Type of work: Commercial

Industry: Telecommunications

Client: Digicel

Production Date: October 2020


DP: Nicolas Amundaray

Assistant: Shandrick de Cuba



Janiro "Ataniro" Eisden

Anouk Eman

Ruben Garcia

Stills. Motion. VFX.


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